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A Classic…Plus Zombies?

5 Feb

How do you make a classic novel even better? Yup, add zombies!!!

This is real. On sale soon here.

What other classic books should we “help” by adding zombies? A Tale of Two Zombies? A Zombie Tale? 20,000 Zombies Under the Sea?


5 Feb

I really won something!!!!

My really good friend, the keeper of monkeys, let me know about some big Blog Giveaways going on in a “Carnival” that were listed on Bloggy Giveaways. There were nearly 1,000 (when I last looked) participating giveaways. I scanned through and entered those that interested me. Since most of these giveaways had hundreds of people entering, I wasn’t expecting much.

Most of the giveaways ended over the weekend and I hadn’t won anything so I was disappointed.

This morning I got an email saying “You Won…” and I nearly fell out of my chair. Not only did I win something, I won something that is REALLY cool and actually worth some real money.

Thanks to the blog Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House (visit them!) I won a Soda Lovers Starter Kit from Soda Stream by Soda Club. You can see the post where I entered here and the post that says I won here! Yes, I was one of 633 entries (and I didn’t have any extra entries!) and I won. Completely NOT my normal luck, but I will take it!

So I won a very nifty soda maker and everything I need to make some  homemade soda! I will DEFINITELY be doing a blog once I receive my prize about the product. Until then, check out the Flavors! They even have an energy drink mix!

Thanks again to Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House. (Really – Check them out!) I added it to my RSS reader, you should too!