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Great Depression Cooking

27 Feb

With the economy looking bad many people have been comparing it to the great depression. I wasn’t alive during the great depression, so I wouldn’t know. However, there are people still around who can teach us what they remember from the great depression.

I read this post on Serious Eats which led me to a series of YouTube videos that I had to share.

The videos are all cooking videos by a 93 year old woman named Clara. While she cooks these cheap, filling, meals she tells stories about her time during the depression. Some very interesting stuff. I think I would LOVE the Poorman’s Meal, check out the video below!

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Tiger Is Back!

26 Feb

Yesterday at 2:02pm EST Tiger Woods returned to action after his knee surgery. He has been out 8 long months. To commemorate his return, Nike has a new commercial and I love it!

So here it is:

The party is over! Check out another new one past the break:

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Yogic Chai

25 Feb

While researching tea, before and after I ordered some from Adagio Teas, I was intrigued at some of the different varieties, including Chai. I had seen Chai offered up in coffee places like Starbucks but didn’t really understand what it was. When I googled Chai, I learned that Chai actually MEANS Tea in most Eastern languages. So I thought if it just means tea, then why in America do we have separate products named Chai.

My answer came when I received a comment on my tea blog from the owner of another blog, Tea Escapade. Over on her blog I found a post about Yogic Chai’s free samples! Anyone who knows me, or has read my blog for a while, knows how much I like free, so I checked it out!

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Bud & BBQ With Miranda Lambert

24 Feb

I must start out by admitting that I was not really looking forward to this concert. My mom REALLY wanted to go, so I was going to tag along. Miranda Lambert is not exactly my idea of great music. I’d heard of a few of her songs like “Gun Powder and Lead” and “Kerosene” and while they aren’t horrible, they didn’t make me move really.

I also wasn’t terribly excited about standing in a crowd eating over priced BBQ and drinking watered down beer. Things took a turn for the better the moment we paid for parking. Ok, we don’t pay for parking because we are pass-holders, but you still have to stop at the toll booth. The nice lady at the toll booth handed us a flyer, like they do every time. This time however it was different, it would change our day significantly…

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Wii Fit Week Five!

23 Feb

Yup, I’m still doing it! In fact, this week I only missed two days due to work/family stuff taking the time away from my Wii Fit time. If you are new to my blog check out Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three and Week Four.

This week definitely wasn’t my best week ever, but I’m continuing on!

This week I weighed in at:

Under 229!

Under 229!

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Cutest Thing You Will See Today!

22 Feb

Today I am off to Busch Garden’s Bud & BBQ event with my parents. Miranda Lambert is playing tonight and my mom REALLY wants to go, and I don’t mind beer nor BBQ. Throw in a couple roller coasters and I’m there.

Before I left I wanted to leave yall with something that is crafty, geeky, cute AND AWESOME!

This is a 6-foot long Guitar Hero inspired scarf made by The Domestic Scientist. Read all about it at this post. By the way, that blog has one of the cutest tag lines ever “Mad Science With a Hint of Nutmeg.”


Formula 1 2009!

21 Feb

I am a pretty big sports fan. My favorite sport is football, GO DOLPHINS! But I also enjoy racing a lot. My dad’s watching of NASCAR got me hooked and we have gone to multiple races in Daytona and one in Atlanta.

As you know NASCAR races are normally on ovals and go around in circles. While I don’t find this boring, I know many people do. I enjoy road courses even more, but NASCAR’s Sprint Cup only visits two road courses a year.

Formula 1 is ALL road courses! This makes up for the fact that 99% of the races are shown in the US between 3 and 5 in the morning (thank God for DVR’s). This past off-season has seen some of the largest rule changes in the history of F1. More changes are coming for 2010 due to the economy’s impact on racing. F1 is expensive and requires huge budget sponsors in order for a team to compete.

Explaining these changes to even a seasoned fan is difficult, not to mention explaining it to people who don’t watch any racing, like many of my readers. However, I found this awesome video from Red Bull Racing not to be confused with their sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso (Team Red Bull in Italian). This video shows off their new car and uses some great animation to show the changes from last year to this year. Check it out!


20 Feb

If you are older than me you may remember a time when soda, and many other things, came with REAL sugar rather than High Fructose Corn Syrup. No matter if you agree with all the bad press, or the new HFCS commercials, sugar is the REAL DEAL!

Pepsi-Co has announced that they will be making two “throwback” sodas called “Pepsi Throwback” and “Mountain Dew Throwback.” These “throwbacks” will not contain HFCS, but instead have real sugar.

The picture in this post from Serious Eats (where I got the scoop) shows the “throwback” logos. This is a HUGE thing because this means we will be getting Mountain Dew instead of the new Mtn Dew. Maybe shortening the word saves money? Maybe the Dew offices ordered keyboards without O’s, U’s, A’s or I’s?

Either way. I want to try this stuff. I would also like to do an A/B test. If anyone sees this stuff in the stores, let me know!

ingenuiTEA by Adiago Teas

19 Feb

My mom thinks that this is weird, but I do NOT like coffee. I do enjoy something like a caramel macchiato or other  super modified coffee drink. Load it up with lots of sugar and other flavoring to make it NOT taste like coffee and I will drink it. What I didn’t know until recently, I enjoy tea.

At the Florida Mall there is a store called Teavana that sells loose leaf tea and lots of expensive accessories. They also let you taste a few different varieties in their store, every day there seems to be a few different ones. The sales people will also talk your ear off about how great the tea is for you and the different teapots and cups you should have.

Well, I don’t have a lot of money to sink into this, so I was looking for a simple solution. I noticed they had what they call the Perfect Tea Maker but in the store it was like $25! (I did see online that it is only $17.95) When I was doing some research online (of course) I ran across Adagio Teas which had better reviews and had what they call the ingenuiTEA, the ingenious teapot. They sell them in a starter set with four samples of tea for only $19!

What I got!

What I got!

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Soda Club USA

18 Feb

This evening when I got home I was SOOOOO excited when I saw I got not one, but TWO packages! The bigger package is what I will be talking about today, check tomorrow for a post about what else I got!

If you remember back to the beginning of the month I posted about how I WON! something! Here is a quick re-cap, I entered a contest on Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House and I won! I won an AWESOME starter kit from Soda Club USA. You can see the kit here. I got the black/silver one!

The box!

The box!

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