Go Home and Procreate!

28 Jan

That is what some workers in Japan are being told according to this article in The Guardian. This link was passed along to me by a frequent reader and commenter and asked that I put a blog up about it.

Apparently Japan is worried that its country is full of work-a-holics who aren’t having sex. They are just too tired to come home and have sex. I feel for them. Every single night I come home and go to bed alone!

The article claims that they are worried about a “demographic disaster.” If the Japanese people don’t start popping out the children their population could become unstable! I know one friend (and possibly another) that we could ship over to Japan to help with their baby problems!

So go home and have some sex!


One Response to “Go Home and Procreate!”

  1. infijess January 29, 2009 at 1:54 pm #

    That’s it … final proof I’m Japanese!!!! I should be in my home country with my ever increasing brood!

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