25 Jan

I enjoy rock music, I like it a lot and I enjoy Nickleback’s music, but I’m finding that they rely on the overly sexual messages in their music. Don’t get me wrong, I like sex and I like the songs but it is very VERY difficult for me to sing along  with their songs while riding in the car with my mom!

Take for example Nickleback’s newest single that has just hit the airwaves “Something In Your Mouth”:

More past the break!

Another example “Sex”:

And another “Animals”:

I know they say sex sells, but does it really ALL have to be sex? I mean come on. I’m not getting any do they have to rub it in so much?


One Response to “Nickleback”

  1. dee January 25, 2009 at 5:49 pm #

    Dont ride around with your mom so much. 🙂 Problem solved.

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