Random Woot! Shirts Part 3? 4?

20 Jan

I don’t know really how many random shirts I’ve purchased in the past year or two, but I LOVE me some random shirts. So much so that I got my friend hooked too, though she normally can only muster up the balls to buy one.

For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts on Woot! I’ll give you a quick recap. Woot’s main site sells one item per day with $5 shipping. Woot! has spawned three devil children. Shirt.Woot! sells one shirt per day for $10 plus free shipping. Wine.Woot! sells one or two sets of Wine per week with $5 shipping (except during the summer when it is $7). The lesser known bastard child of a one night stand between Woot! and Yahoo! is Sellout.Woot! which sells one item per day with $5 shipping. The only difference between Woot! and Sellout.Woot! is that Sellout is hosted by Yahoo! Enough exclamation points for you?

Random shirt days show up on Shirt.Woot! every once in a while and it is Woot’s way of ridding itself of excess inventory from shirts that have been “reckoned.” Shirt.Woot sells its past shirts for an extra $5 (so $15 plus free shipping) for a while after its “day in the sun.” Since Woot! would very quickly have hundreds and hundreds then thousands of shirts to make and sell they only keep the top 20 selling shirts.

Random shirt day means that the shirts are $6.66 plus free shipping meaning you can get 3 shirts for less than $20 ($19.98 to be exact). That is like getting one free!!! So I got three shirts and they arrived yesterday and here is what I got!

Music Industry:

I dont recall seeing this one...but I like it!

I don't recall seeing this one before...but I like it!

Bigfoot Nessie ’08:

I almost bought this one!

I almost bought this one!

Plumeria Paradise:

Not my favorite, but definitely wearable!

Not my favorite, but definitely wearable!

I think I did REALLY good this time. All three shirts are very wearable and they put a smile on my face when I opened up the package! So keep checking Shirt.Woot! for the next Random Shirt Day!

3 Responses to “Random Woot! Shirts Part 3? 4?”

  1. sunshinekmp January 20, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    Definately wearble…..all three. I’m jelous of the bigfoot nessie one…..even with the election over. it’s still a cool shirt.


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