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Wii Fit!

13 Jan

WARNING: This is a bit of a rant…not too bad though.

I FINALLY found myself a Wii Fit (and I didn’t pay more than MSRP!) at There only requirement is that you had to “build your own bundle” with at least two select Wii Fit accessories. That is two out of only 6, and one of the ones I wanted was sold out, and if you tried to back order it, the Wii Fit was yanked out of your cart!

So I bought the Wii Fit (game with balance board), a slipcover (blue) and an “exercise mat.” Being the cheapskate frugal buyer I am, I took advantage of Circuit City’s FREE shipping! YAY!

Unfortunately today I got shipping confirmation letting me know that my three items are coming from THREE DIFFERENT STATES! In three different boxes, using THREE DIFFERENT SHIPPING METHODS! Yea, you got that right!

The slipcover is coming via standard USPS mail from Oklahoma! The “exercise mat” is coming from Pennsylvania via FedEx ground! Finally, the actual Wii Fit is coming via FedEx “Smart Post” from Texas. Smart Post is a bastard of a shipping method to start with. It actually starts out on a FedEx truck but then is delivered to your local Post Office and delivered to your USPS mailbox by your mailman or woman! And if you are like me, you don’t really have a “mail man” you have a subcontractor in street clothes driving a mail truck! The problem is in the hand off, it doesn’t always go well. It also is the slowest because there is an extra DAY (at least) in shipping to do the exchange from FedEx to USPS.

If all goes well I will receive my “exercise mat” on Wednesday, the slipcover on Friday and the actual Wii Fit on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday!).

I really think that Circuit City is screwing with me. I half expect a box full of rocks whenever Smart Post decides to get me my Wii Fit!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR