Bee Movie DVD Review

6 Jan

If you check my blog recently you know that yesterday was Free Movie Monday from RedBox and I decided to rent “Bee Movie.” Yes I know, a cartoon for a lonely 27 year old male isn’t the most obvious choice, but I don’t care!

Bee Movie is a DreamWorks picture, so it couldn’t be that bad. The animation, like ALL DreamWorks pictures is amazing and the movie has a TON of stars. It, of course, stars Jerry Seinfeld as the lead character but also includes Renée Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, Megan Mullally, John Goodman, Chris Rock, Kathy Bates, and Patrick Warburton (from my favorite show of all time “The Tick“).

Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld) is the main character and the movie opens with his graduation day. After 3 long days of high school and 3 long days of college he was finally done with school and ready to work for the rest of his life. The movie revolves around Barry needing to choose the job he will work for the rest of his life with no days off and no second choice. Barry is hesitant to make the choice and really never does. He decides one day, on a dare from the large “Pollen Jocks” to leave the hive. While outside of the hive for the first time in his life he meets Vanessa Bloom (Zellweger) and her boy friend Ken (Walburton).

Vanessa and Ken are humans and immediately Ken tries to kill Barry. Vanessa saves him and puts him outside, but Barry is smitten with Vanessa and decides to break Bee law by talking to her. At first she thinks she is insane, but learns to accept that Bee’s can talk. Vanessa brings Barry to the grocery store where he sees honey packaged. This leads to the main crux of the movie, Barry seeks out and sues the major honey manufacturers.

The court case pitted Barry (representing all Bees) against Layton T. Montgomery (Goodman) in an epic case full of the normal press circus normally reserved for celebrity cases. Barry and the bees end up winning the are forcing humans to give back all their honey. This HUGE amount of returned honey causes Bees to stop making honey.

Bees not making honey means no more pollination and leads to the death of the worlds flowers. This is especially a big deal to Barry’s human love interest, Vanessa, who owns and operates a floral shop. Barry and Vanessa must work together to save the worlds plants and get the Bees working again.

Overall the movie doesn’t have a lot of flaws. The voice acting is excellent, the animation is great and most of the jokes are funny. The movie just seems to be a little flat and missing something. I can’t put my finger on it, but it is just short of being a “great” movie.

I give Bee Movie 2.5 out of 5 stars and think people with kids should rent it!

Funniest line of the movie: Vanessa and Barry are overlooking the park full of dying plants and Barry suggests murder suicide pact “I sting you, you step on me” and Vanessa replies “That just means you die twice.”

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