How To Behave On An Internet Forum

5 Jan

Most people aren’t like me, so I’m not sure how many of you spend time on internet forums? I spend a LOT of time reading forums, but I don’t post much. I’m a lurker. From the MILLIONS of internet posts I’ve read (blog comments and forum posts) I am still amazed at how the SAME trends happen no matter what you are talking about. Electronics, food, video games, roller coasters, theme parks or crafting it does not matter. More on this and videos past the break!

The common denominator is the anonymous aspects your computer keyboard gives you. You can say things that you would NEVER say face to face with a person. My roomie Rob is a long time flame war starter and I’m known to initiate a flame war from time to time, so I’m not trying to take a high road here or anything. While lurking a site I found a video PERFECTLY describing what I’ve seen on dozens of forums and blogs. It brought a smile to my face…enjoy:

The rest of these videos are NSFW. BE WARNED!

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