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31 Jan

Today is my mom’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Mom has decided to have a “themed day” for her birthday. We are going to spend some time at Dinosaur World in Plant City. We’ve driven by this “theme park” many MANY times going to Busch Gardens and always joked about going there, so we are.

For dinner we have reservations at the brand new T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney! This restaurant is owned by Landry’s, the same people who own the Rainforest Cafe chain, and somewhat resembles its sister restaurant.

I warned mom that there was a possibility that some people may, me, may joke about the theme of her day, but she had her mind made up!

I expect to review both Dinosaur World and the T-Rex Cafe in the coming days!

Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger Meals

30 Jan

In honor of Chinese New Year I cooked myself an Asian meal on Monday evening. Welcome to the year of the Ox! In case you are wondering I was born in the year of the Rooster!

I picked up some of Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger frozen meals at my local Super Target and decided to make the chicken pad thai and some pot stickers!

Here is all the pretty matching Blue Ginger stuff!

Here is all the pretty matching Blue Ginger stuff!

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Chia Herb Garden

29 Jan

I got one! Mom bought me a Chia Herb Garden (WARNING: Auto-play video with audio when you visit these links), she also got one for herself!

The box!

The box!

I finally got around to putting mine together, I helped her with hers a while back and shes already got a LOT of green!

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Go Home and Procreate!

28 Jan

That is what some workers in Japan are being told according to this article in The Guardian. This link was passed along to me by a frequent reader and commenter and asked that I put a blog up about it.

Apparently Japan is worried that its country is full of work-a-holics who aren’t having sex. They are just too tired to come home and have sex. I feel for them. Every single night I come home and go to bed alone!

The article claims that they are worried about a “demographic disaster.” If the Japanese people don’t start popping out the children their population could become unstable! I know one friend (and possibly another) that we could ship over to Japan to help with their baby problems!

So go home and have some sex!

Miami Dolphins Shoes!

27 Jan

Way back when Rob and I went to the Miami Dolphins Playoff Game against the Baltimore Ravens I noticed while in line for a porta-potty that the gentleman in front of me had some really nice shoes. I whipped out my camera and took a picture:

I think he noticed me taking a picture of his shoes...

I think he noticed me taking a picture of his shoes...

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Wii Fit Week One!

26 Jan

So last week I told you that I planned on trying to do a “series” of blogs about my progress on Wii Fit. I am trying to do 40 total minutes of Wii Fit a day. With 30 of that being spread between the Aerobic, Strength and Yoga exercises and the last 10 being on the balance “games.” I was just over 238 pounds to start last week and while my first two days of Wii Fit I actually gained weight, I kept with it and my weight Sunday is just UNDER 236. Over 2 pounds lost in a week is pretty good for me I think! I also have had my BMI drop 32.25 to 32.01, still obese, but better!

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25 Jan

I enjoy rock music, I like it a lot and I enjoy Nickleback’s music, but I’m finding that they rely on the overly sexual messages in their music. Don’t get me wrong, I like sex and I like the songs but it is very VERY difficult for me to sing along  with their songs while riding in the car with my mom!

Take for example Nickleback’s newest single that has just hit the airwaves “Something In Your Mouth”:

More past the break!

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Cheese-Stuffed Meatloaves and Two Sides

23 Jan

This is a Publix Apron’s Simple Meal that my mom gave me and it looked so good that after getting home from Disney I decided to run to Publix Sabor and pick up what I needed. Being that this was a Publix Apron’s Simple Meal you can go HERE and see the whole recipe online and print it for yourself. My normal cooking step by step will continue below, but I know this printable recipe will make it easier on you if you want to (and you should!) make it for yourself.

The recipe I got came on a card, with holes punched to go into a recipe book which included everything you would need on one side, including a shopping list and a cooking sequence. The other side had the actual recipes for each of the three dishes I was about to prepare. So I made it all! I made Cheese-Stuffed Meatloaves, Parsley Potatoes and Chuck Wagon Corn.

Nifty Recipe Card!

Nifty Recipe Card!

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Martha Stewart – From Onion Radio News

22 Jan

The Onion has got to be one of the funniest faux news sites that actually knows it is doing faux news. I stumbled across the Onion Radio News site with an AMAZING report about Martha Stewart’s newest recipe.

Here is the article. (NOTE: The language is NSFW and will auto-play).

Also listen to the end for the Tupac reference.

Burger King’s Angry Whopper

21 Jan

I’m sure you have seen the commercials.

The commercials were good enough to get me to want to try one!

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