Holiday Parties…

17 Dec

…what is the point?

Warning: Past the break is a rant…

It seems every business has them. When I worked at Rio Bravo Chevy’s Fresh Mex we would have a Christmas party after close one evening. At the convention center we have a “Winter Jamboree,” a training session/awards presentation/luncheon. Oh wait, that’s right, the county decided that we shouldn’t have lunch provided by the food service provider because it broke some kind of county rule. The supervisors in my division put together a luncheon after the training, but its kinda a slap in the face. “Thanks for working hard all year, sit through this boring seminar, and go to the cafeteria for lunch!”

They seemed to have an issue with county workers getting lunch, but wait, multiple times a year they CLOSE the cafeteria to force you to go to the “United Way Luncheons” to raise money for a charity that we are also “strongly encouraged” to donate out of our paychecks. You have to pay to eat at this luncheon, but that money goes “100% to charity.” So we are still getting “free food” from the food vendor! What is the difference? You got me. At the Jeff Dunham concert we actually walked past Osceola County’s get together. Food? Check! Alcohol? Yup! We aren’t even allowed to go to a restaurant and order a beer with anything that says “Convention Center” on it!

So yea, the point of my rant is to ask; What is the point of work holiday parties? Do they improve morale? I find them annoying, especially since I also end up having to do work to set them up and tear them down.

I find them mainly annoying and that today is our “Winter Jamboree” so I devoted my page to a rant in honor of it!

I think I may just need a little attention from the fairer sex to get me out of this mood. I shouldn’t be bitching about a party…


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