A Sad, Sad Day!

16 Dec

Monday was not a good day in my life. First I wake up early and drive over to the blood center to donate some platelets and I fail miserably. Ok, so I didn’t really “fail” it was more like the tech used the wrong arm because it was easier and then stuck me too deep. Either way, I get to try again next Monday and will be using my left arm! I DID however get the goodies associated with donating even though none of my blood actually will make it to anyone.

Then I get home to learn officially that last night the AFL (Arena Football League) has suspended the 2009 season. They are going to try to “reorganize” and play in 2010, but we know how well that went for the USFL with Donald Trump!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of coaches, players and support staff who appear to be out of a job. I also pray that the league, and the Orlando Predators, will be able to return in 2010. Not only have they lost the momentum of 22 straight seasons, but in 2010 they will be competing against the upcoming United Football League, which will be an outdoor league with a franchise in Orlando!

R.I.P. – Arena Football League and Orlando Predators may you not join the likes of the Orlando Renegades, Orlando Thunder and Orlando Rage.


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