Lower Learning Review

13 Dec



This is the return of my Redbox free movie Monday movie review! Lower Learning is a comedy starring Jason Biggs, Eva Longoria Parker, Rob Corddry (from The Daily Show), Will Sasso (of MADtv fame) and Kyle Gass (of Tenacious D).

If you clicked on my Wikipedia link above you may notice that A.) it is very short and B.) it doesn’t say that Kyle Gass is in the film, but he is! He in fact accounts for one of the very few LOL (Laugh Out Loud) moments in this film and since I LOVE the D, I had to mention him. The Wikipedia entry also shows that the movie was supposed to open in October but then delayed to December. Yet the movie was already released onto DVD. Ouch.

As you would expect, this movie isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but it was definitely watchable. Jason Biggs is the lead in this movie playing Tom, a vice principal at an elementary school with Corddry playing Mr. Billings the corrupt principal of the same school.

Billings is seen early in the movie having multiple students acting as slaves around him, making him breakfast and polishing shoes and the like. He also very early in the movie is seen taking a bribe from a parent for straight A’s.

The teachers are a collection of druggies and drunks and the last thing going on was teaching. Longoria-Parker’s character, Rebecca, is an inspector/old classmate of Tom’s (whom we see Tom had a crush on in school). The movie has a lot of dirty jokes, hence the “R” rating, including when you see the flashback to homecoming after Rebecca kisses someone else we see Tom masturbating in the bathroom while crying. Yup, really.

The running gag with Rebecca is you see her popping pills and washing it down with Jack, huffing spray paint, taking “whip-its” and any other illegal high she can come across. But she is supposedly on the “good” side. I don’t think it works well.

Rebecca and Tom come together to try to save the school from Billings plan, but some of the other faculty are on Billing’s side, including Kyle Gass’ character, Decatur Doublewide. Yup, really.

To be honest, I’m not sure really where the movie was trying to go. I’m guessing it was trying to copy the current trend of Apatow dirty comedies (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The 40-Year Old Virgin, Superbad), but all of those movies sell you with some heart, some real feelings. Unfortunately, this movie fails in those aspects.

Of course they end up saving the school and thanks to Tom and some bribery (which they call “negotiating”) Rebecca (the druggie) ends up named the new Principal of the school. No experience necessary I assume.

This movie was definitely worth the free rental and may even be worth the $1 normal Redbox rental if you love Kyle Gass and Rob Corddry.

I give this movie 1 out of 5.

Funniest scene in the movie: On the playground the two “sides” come together, but Billings ends up alienating most of his supporters and they leave. It comes down to just Billings (Corddry) and Doublewide (Gass) when Doublewide turns to Billings and says “I don’t believe in anything that guy just said, but just the two of us seems pretty gay.” “I’m out.” He then walks out of camera shot while Billings begins to yell at the others before you see Doublewide ride by in the background nonchalantly on a bicycle. I literally fell off the couch watching, but you may have to have some back knowledge of Gass to really find it that funny…

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