Monday Roundup!

3 Nov

I don’t have a post for today so I’m going to put some random stuff together for today:

  1. “Zach and Miri Make a Porno” was a GREAT movie, expect a review later this week!
  2. “W.” was not a good movie, don’t expect a review. It wasn’t horrible, but we lived it. Nothing new in it, no surprises, just a long movie about a bad Presidency.
  3. A pork chop on a stick is a good thing! I went to the Volusia County Fair in the rain yesterday with the parents and the “girls” from my mom’s office.
  4. Check out Kt’s blog for some free stuff you can get for voting! I expect to be at Ben and Jerry’s tomorrow!
  5. Remember to vote tomorrow! If you are registered and worried about taking off from work remember in most states the law requires you be allowed to vote!

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