Pantech Matrix

23 Oct

After my trip to Cedar Point my cell phone was on its last legs. The Mean Streak had damaged the main screen and while it worked fine for a while, eventually it began to leak (the L in LCD is Liquid you know). Last week I decided to head over to the AT&T store online with the LG Shine in mind. The only problem I had seen in the Shine is that the reflective surface made the screen difficult to use in direct sunlight. But who cares right? I don’t live in the Sunshine State or anything! Oh, wait. On the website I found that they had just released the new “Pantech Matrix.” Which was really just an update to the Pantech Duo, but I guess the Duo 2 would seem a little redundant.

When I got to the store they did not have the Pantech Matrix on display, so I asked a friendly salesman who walked me straight over to the Pantech Duo. I told him this was not the new version and after a moment of blank stares we headed over to the back where he opened a drawer and started fumbling through a BUNCH of phones. Eventually he pulled out a Pantech Matrix but then said. “Sorry, it’s battery is dead and we don’t have any chargers.” I took two looks at it and walked it over to where the Duo was on display and plugged it in. While I was letting it charge the salesman went to the back to see if they actually had the phone to sell!

They had it!

They had it!

So the phone is awesome! It is a “dual slider” which means it slides two ways!

Normal phone keypad comes out the bottom

Normal phone keypad comes out the bottom.

But then…

Full QWERTY out the side!

Full QWERTY out the side!

I have to brag and say that I am pretty good at texting using T9, but now I have the option of single or double thumbing it!

The phone also comes with a nice speaker (for speakerphone applications), bluetooth, 1.3 Mega-pixel camera (cable of video) and a micro SD slot as seen here:

At the top is where the micro SD card slides in.

At the top is where the micro SD card slides in.

I’ve had the phone over a week and so far its been awesome. Sound quality is great, reception is even better than my old Samsung Sync and the battery seems to last forever. I’ve only charged it once (since the initial charge) in over a week!

It takes some pretty good pictures for a phone. These were all taken on this cell!

Wierd art tree at the convention center

Wierd art tree at the convention center

Other side of the tree

Other side of the tree

Lion Fish at EPCOTs The Sea

Lion Fish at EPCOT's The Sea

If anyone is looking for a good QWERTY “dumb phone” and have AT&T or want to switch to the BEST network, check out the Pantech Matrix!


3 Responses to “Pantech Matrix”

  1. sunshinekmp October 23, 2008 at 10:47 am #

    nice pics for a cell phone!

  2. infijess October 23, 2008 at 4:02 pm #

    I like the first pic of the tree .. very Tim Burton … Nice phone .. my mom has the dual slider and really likes it .. of course I have the Samsung Blackjack cause I’m cool like that … It was purchased refurbished so it was only $50 with no extended contract signing … I do like the Blackjack II better since it puts the numbers together … go AT&T

  3. When Giants Meet February 13, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    I am thinking about getting this phone! Seems like your all for it. Thanks for your input.

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