Marie’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

16 Oct



My mom was the first, that I can remember, to have this dressing and I have loved it, but finding it at my local Publix Sabor has been a challenge. Just so happened that I was shopping at Wal-Mart on Monday and saw a single lonely bottle standing on the shelf in the cooler (next to the salad mix). I almost ran to it to grab it before someone else noticed it. Marie’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette is an amazing combination of two dressing worlds that were once thought to be too different to ever exist simultaneously on one salad.

My mom raised me right as a child. Mold is good and fungus is bad! For years I have had friends give me weird looks as I order blue cheese dressings. They look horrified from over their ranch laden salads to see the white dressing with blueish chunks, but I persevered. My love could not be extinguished by peer pressure! Wait, what am I talking about again?

Ok, so the Blue Cheese Vinaigrette doesn’t taste anything like blue cheese dressing. It is very much a vinaigrette in taste. But the dressing includes a lot of small blue cheese chunks that have soaked up the vinaigrette and cause huge flavor explosions in your mouth. Monday night I had this dressing on a salad while waiting for my pizza to cook.

Remember those extra onions and peppers?

Remember those extra onions and peppers?

Its tough to photograph but the dressing is there if you look closely. The bottle prominently boasts “0g Trans Fat!” and only has 11g of fat in a single serving. I know some of you are not big fans of blue cheese, but that is ok. More for me!

If you want to be adventerous and try a new and different salad dressing, I HIGHLY recommend this dressing. You may become addicted!


3 Responses to “Marie’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette”

  1. mom October 16, 2008 at 7:29 am #

    thanks for the plug on my mom skills

  2. infijess October 16, 2008 at 7:32 pm #

    You’re right I’m not a big fan of the blue cheese … buut I do loves me some vinagerettes!

    Do they make any other flavors … I love Chick-fil-a’s Berry Vinagerette … if only they’d bottle that!

  3. Teanne Jones February 17, 2009 at 3:28 am #

    I can only find it at Safeway. Please, please, please—– does someone have a recipe that comes close? I’m poor and can’t afford the $4.89 an 11.5 oz. bottle!

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