Big Nothing DVD Review

11 Oct



While I was doing a little research about Simon Pegg’s upcoming movies I found that there was one Simon Pegg movie that I had not seen, Big Nothing co-starring David Schwimmer. I tried to rent the movie, but RedBox didn’t have it. MovieStop ended up having a used copy for $6.50, so I own it! I wasn’t sure what to think because I love Simon Pegg and am really excited about his upcoming movies, but hadn’t heard anything about this movie. He will be Scotty in the new JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot and the final film in his “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy, The World Ends (Shuan of the Dead and Hot Fuzz being the first two) is coming next year. Pegg will also be doing another movie with Nick Frost called Paul, this movie intrigues me because supposedly the two will switch roles with Frost playing the straight man. I can’t wait! But why hadn’t I heard about Big Nothing?

Big Nothing is a dark comedy with a lot of dead bodies and blood. The story revolves around Charlie (Schwimmer) who is an unemployed, but very smart, man living in a small Oregon town with his policewoman wife (Natascha McElhone) and their daughter. Struggling to sell his book and keep a roof over his family’s head Charlie gets a job in a tech support call center where he meets Gus (Pegg). We learn later that Gus is a scam artist and ex-felon. Charlie ends up getting fired for saying something inappropriate while he thought he had the customer on hold, something Gus taught him to do.

Gus gives Charlie a sob story about his daughter going blind and needing money and invites him in on a plan to make $100,000. The plan is to use their company’s records to blackmail a reverend who has been visiting illegal porn sites. While telling Charlie this story Gus’ one-night stand Josie (Alice Eve) interrupts and wants in on the deal.

Gus comes up with an elaborate plan including alibis and an exact time-line of their night. Unfortunately from the start things go wrong. The night turns into a cavalcade of dead bodies and running from the cops. The movie also brings in two serial killers, the Oregon Undertaker and the Wyoming Widow. By the end there are more dead bodies then I can count with deaths coming by poison, gun shot, axe to the head, drowning in a septic tank and by eating a lollipop!

The movie turns pretty dark but keeps you giggling until the end. It almost reminded me of a Coen Brothers film, but not nearly as good.

I enjoyed the movie, but am glad I only paid $6.50 for it. I will keep it as it will help complete my Simon Pegg movie collection!

I give this movie only 2 out of 5 with Simon Pegg’s American accent earning much of that rating. It isn’t a great movie, but it is definitely worth a viewing if you love Simon Pegg as much as I do!


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