Miami Dolphins vs San Diego Chargers

9 Oct

As I posted in my blog on Sunday Rob and I drove down to Miami to see the Miami Dolphins take on the San Diego Chargers. We got a couple cheap tickets in the upper end-zone. Bottom line for the game is that it was great. The Dolphins took care of those Chargers!

The final score!

The final score!

The drive down was quick and uneventful. In the past we’ve had car accidents and speeding tickets, this time it was smooth sailing the whole way down the Turnpike! When we arrived at our normal parking lot we found that it wasn’t going to be very full because it was flooded!

Want to use the porta potty now?

Want to use the porta potty now?

This is actually a good thing because it meant less traffic leaving the parking lot after the game!

Thats our parking lot (with all the water) and Miami (I think) in the background

That's our parking lot (with all the water) and Miami (I think) in the background.

During the game it rained on and off so I didn’t take many pictures, but the rain had a nice cooling effect in the hot Florida sunshine! Rob and I were some of the few who didn’t go running for the concourses/pulling out our ponchos every time. We are men!

Me in my seat making a face!

Me in my seat making a face!

During the pre-game tailgating Rob and I saw a few things that really pissed me off. I guess its a pet peeve but come on! If you are going to spend money on a jersey make sure its real! If it is listed as “authentic” on EBay for $25 IT AIN’T REAL! Look at this:

Concentrate on the numbers

Concentrate on the numbers

The numbers are WAY too small on the back of his jersey, they are the wrong font AND they aren’t outlined. Even the retro Phins jerseys were outlined! And his is orange so it can’t be a retro. I’m not sure if the NNOB (No Name On Back) is another mistake or he removed Seau’s name when he left for the Patsies.

There were a TON more that I didn’t take pictures of, I was afraid people would think I was weird taking pictures of them. Bottom line, if you are going to buy a jersey, check it out! Make sure it’s correct!


One Response to “Miami Dolphins vs San Diego Chargers”

  1. erin October 22, 2008 at 7:57 pm #

    plus wearing a junior seau jersey to any kind of chargers game is also like declaring your love for the chargers – even if it’s another teams colors.

    disagree? please note junior seau has a restaurant in san diego, and the waitresses/hostesses on sunday were wearing charger girl costumes. it doesn’t matter if he’s in miami or new england – charger fans consider him a charger for life.

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