5 Oct

First off, Rob and I are heading down to Miami to see the Miami Dolphins take on the San Diego Super Chargers TODAY! GO PHINS!

Like the giant cell phone at the begining of the video? How about those AWESOME Zubaz! Zubaz is back BTW and if they made the Dolphins colors again I would so buy em!

Rob nabbed our tickets on EBay on the cheap and I’ll be packing up a cooler with some good booze! Since the game will be on TV in the Orlando area turn it on and see if you see us…HINT-We’ll be in the jerseys! If you don’t live around here check out this post about how you can figure out easily what games will be on in your area!


One Response to “MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!!!”

  1. Erik October 5, 2008 at 7:26 pm #

    The Phins are back. I can officially take the bag of my head. This 2nd straight upset is sweet! We are no longer the league doormat.

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