Budweiser American Ale

3 Oct

Nice label

Nice label

Isn’t it ironic that an iconic American company recently agrees to be purchased by a foreign conglomerate and their first major release is something with the word “American” in it? I completely understand that this beer has been in the works for YEARS and that even the name would have been decided before the buy out was a twinkle in InBev’s eye. I’m not going to get into the politics surrounding the Anhueser-Busch buy out. I’m going to concentrate on what is important, the beer!

Budweiser American Ale was released (in bottles) on Monday and I picked my six pack up at Publix in the early afternoon for $6.50 for six twelve ounce bottles. This is the cheapest of the three beers I have chosen to review in this trilogy. For $6.50 it was $1 more than a six pack of the “king of beers.” While this would not be considered a “value beer” like Natty Ice ($6 for a twelve pack) this is still a relatively cheap beer.

For Budweiser this is a bold swipe at the quickly growing “craft beer” market in America. Beers like yesterday’s Anchor Steam Beer are slowly eating up market share and Bud wants it. In the past Anheuser-Busch was quick to purchase smaller less “mainstream” beers. Stone Mill Pale Ale, Red Bridge, Wild Blue and Rolling Rock are all wholly owned by AB. Budweiser American Ale is a different beast, this is an in-house developed beer.

It pours with a clear copper body with a nice strong head:

Not my first

Not my first

The head lingers for a good while before giving way to the malty aroma. It almost seems sweet when you take a big whiff. As expected the beer has a strong malt flavor but has a hoppy finish that rounds off the beer. This is a Bud that tells you that you are drinking beer and not colored water but it isn’t something that should be considered an upper echelon beer. The beer is highly drinkable and can be enjoyed over a long night. American Ale carries a 5.4% ABV (alcohol by volume).

My biggest surprise when I grabbed my first bottle out of the fridge was this:

Crappy pic....

Crappy pic....

Can you read that? it says “PRY OFF.” I don’t think I would have ever expected a Budweiser branded product that wasn’t twist-off.  Ask many purists and they will tell you that the twist-off caps degrade the quality of the booze, but I believe that has more to do with the fact that cheaper, lower quality beers are the ones that come with twist-offs. In wine there is the argument about the cork and I believe the same thing, a good wine is good no matter what the cork is!

We got to try this beer at Busch Gardens on Saturday and I enjoyed it out in the hot son as much as I enjoyed it sitting back watching some playoff baseball. This is a very good “starter” beer in my opinion. If you have been spending your life drinking Bud or Miller or Natty Light (please no!) go ahead and spend another $1 on your six pack! Your taste buds will thank you!


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