Thanks for the hits Woot!

22 Sep

As my regular readers know, I’ve written about Woot! a few times. Here I wrote about my favorite websites. Twice I written about random shirt days! I posted to let everyone know when the Woot! Off was going on. Most recently I wrote about my Microsoft Zune purchase from Woot! This post was about the Zune, not Woot! and yet this is the post where Woot! decided to share the love.

All this time I was talking about Woot! I thought I it was a one way love affair. Like I was lusting after it from across the room while she talked to the bigger, cuter, smarter football player guys. She winked at me.

Check out this blog entry from Woot!. Thats right! I’m “this guy” in the 8th bullet!!

Isn’t that cool? Obviously Woot’s blog has a few more regular readers than mine, so when they post a link, a lot of people click it! Luckily, wordpress keeps statistics for us bloggers so we know if we are talking to ourselves or not!

They most apparent statistic to look at is the fact that on Friday (the day Woot! posted their blog) I got 150 views, Saturday I got 182 (breaking my previous record) and yesterday I hit 102. I don’t believe that I have ever had three 100 view days in a row.

WordPress also keeps a “referrer” statistic. sent me a total of 40 hits on Friday and 89 on Saturday and those are just direct clicks that are recorded. BY FAR my most popular post has been the Zune post the past few days, which is surprising since on the day it was posted it only managed 4 views! After that meager start it now sits with over 280 views! Second best all time on my blog! My Aquatica blog still holds the number one spot, but maybe not for long!

I would like to thank Woot! for the link and welcome all my new viewers, hopefully you guys will check out my other posts!


3 Responses to “Thanks for the hits Woot!”

  1. sunshinekmp September 22, 2008 at 8:51 am #

    You’re big time now!

  2. kori September 22, 2008 at 11:12 am #

    @_@ geek LOL


  1. Thanks for the hits Woot! - September 23, 2008

    […] Original post by Joe O. […]

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