Elephant Bar Restaurant

20 Sep

The other day for lunch I met my mom at the Elephant Bar Restaurant located inside the Altamonte Mall. This was my second visit to this particular restaurant and it was good enough that I thought I should write a quick post. I’m still not the best at remembering to bring my camera nor whip it out and take a picture of everything I’m doing, so I don’t have any photos of my visit. Their website has some nice shots of the interior of their restaurants that you can look at if you wish.

Starting with the interior it is a HIGHLY themed dining room with an open kitchen design. I like open kitchen designs because it forces the restaurant to keep their kitchen spotless and I’ve worked in restaurants where this isn’t true and it can be rather disgusting. The interior will not fit anyone’s definition of subtle with HUGE palm plants and leopard print carpet. There are also elephants, giraffes and zebras that make appearances on the walls. Trunks (as in the kind you would be taking on a safari) stacked up on a shelf in one corner add to this safari theme, but with all that I don’t think it comes off as too much. When you look at each individual element you may think “wow” but all together it comes across as a nice, dark and calm space.

The waiters wear all black, which I find is a good look at restaurants and one I think more places should pick up. They look at lot cleaner no matter how crazy service gets. Our waiter was very quick and I enjoyed the whole experience very much, but that’s probably not the most important thing is it?

“How was the food Joe?” “Get to the food Joe!”

The Elephant Bar Restaurant has a varied menu (click on left for menu pages) that ranges from Asian to regional Southern cooking (though Florida isn’t exactly part of the “South” if you know what I mean). Their menu is “made from scratch” and the quality lets you know it. For lunch my mom and I both ordered off their lunch menu, lower price, less food but the portions were still more than adequate. My mom ordered a Greek salad and I ordered the shrimp and chicken jambalaya. Their lunch menu also included items like a patty melt and stir-fried sesame chicken.

My mom’s Greek salad looked wonderful with plentiful black olives (which I don’t like) and a couple chunks of grilled pita bread. My jambalaya was awesome. It had a LOT of shrimp, chicken and andouille sausage. The sausage and the sauce was wonderfully spicy without burning. It was the perfect spice combination to warm your mouth without eliminating any of the wonderful other flavors going on. The jambalaya is served with a mound of rice in the middle, the rice was perfectly done. It was sticky enough to take a nice chunk and scoop up some of the jambalaya, but not so sticky that it was clumpy.

The service was good and the food was excellent! If you have an Elephant Bar Restaurant location near you, you should check them out!


2 Responses to “Elephant Bar Restaurant”

  1. Kati September 20, 2008 at 8:37 am #

    We went there before and enjoyed the food but it was loud.

  2. Joe O. September 20, 2008 at 8:38 am #

    Lunchtime on a weekday it was pretty quiet. Not really anyone at the bar and only a handful of tables so it was very nice!

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