Stephen Lynch – Comedian

13 Sep

I love his comedy. Hes a musical comedian, which I know Rob hates. Rob’s main problem with musical comedians is the absolutely unbearable lack of musical talent and the fact that most of their songs have a single joke. Too much build up for a single punchline, especially on a show like Last Comic Standing…

Stephen Lynch manages to keep you laughing through the songs. In fact, while writing this blog I found myself having to pause the video or rewind it a bit so I can hear the next part because I was laughing over it! He also has musical talent! While there are many funny parts through each song, make sure you don’t miss the end cause hes 99.9% building to something that will make you fall out of your chair!

I have found a few YouTube videos and embedded them below! ENJOY!

The Divorce Song:

Little Tiny Mustache:

Special Olympics (just wrong):

Best Friends Song: (NSFW Warning! Not Censored)

If I Were Gay:


One Response to “Stephen Lynch – Comedian”

  1. InfiJess September 14, 2008 at 1:27 pm #

    I have a bunch of these on my computer thanks to The Thom. The Best Friends song is one of my favorites!!!

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