My Vacation! Challenge Park and Soak City

12 Sep

First, let me apologize for the glaring lack of a post yesterday. I woke up sick and had no Internet in the house and since I hadn’t finished this post, nothing posted. I hope everyone who stopped by enjoyed the older posts and its back to the grind for me!

Today’s post will be about Cedar Point’s Soak City and Challenge Park. Soak city, as the name implies, is Cedar Point’s water park. I find it slightly difficult to judge this park because when you compare it to the parks we have in Orlando (Aquatica and Wet ‘n Wild) its not all that great, but really, how could it be? This is a water park on a peninsula jutting into one of the Great Lakes not the Caribbean. A HUGE chunk of the year this park is under snow. It had some good slides, two lazy rivers and a wave pool. All in all I enjoyed the half day we spent there.

Soak City is split in half by Magnum XL-200 so you have the constant sound of people screaming, a plus for me, and you get to pass under this coaster to get to one side or the other, another plus for me. All in all it is a good park. It even had an “adult only” pool with a swim up bar (that we didn’t use) which would definitely be a plus on a busy day to get away from the mass of kids.

Right next to Soak City, with entrances to both Soak City and Cedar Point, is Challenge Park. Challenge Park is a free entry (no ticket) pay-to-play area with a couple thrill rides (like Rip Cord), a couple go-kart tracks and 36 holes of mini-golf. I love mini-golf! I’m not normally the best at it. I normally start out well, but break into a horrible tail spin and start shooting sixes. The day we decided to play the 36 holes, was not one of those days!

I actually won both courses! I have visual proof!!!!

Wait! That is a bunny!

Wait! That is a bunny!

We saw this bunny hanging out right next to the mini-golf course!

Im the third column! WIN!

I'm the third column! WIN!

I had FOUR hole in ones!!! I won the first course by 9 strokes over second place!! WOO HOO!!



Only one hole in one this time, but I still won by 3 strokes over the tie for second place!

Alright, so I basically devoted a whole post to bragging about my AWESOME mini-golf talents. We had a good time at Soak City and Challenge Park, so when you visit Cedar Point, don’t forget to spend some time away from the roller coasters!


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