Storm Pulse

8 Sep

A second post today Joe? Yes!

So after posting the jokes from The Onion this morning I found a very nice independent storm tracking site. For those of you who live in Orlando you have probably gotten used to the hysterical doom mongers that are our local weathermen and women. I know they want ratings, but this morning Fox 35 was still teasing the dangerous Hurricane Ike. Last week my work’s Security and Transportation Manager (head of Security and Transportation for the second largest convention center in the country) sent out a memo stating, and I quote, “Hurricane Ike WILL hit Florida as a category 3 storm…predicted on Wednesday night.”

By this time the storm was already staying south of the original predictions and 90% of the national hurricane tracking models had it missing Florida. This kind of scare tactic can be dangerous. There are many people who don’t know how to think for themselves and will eat this crap up!

Any how, check out this site “Storm Pulse.” It has lots of stuff to play with including wind probabilities, showing ALL the computer models along with lots of different satellite imagery for the Atlantic. I think it is a great tool for those of us living in Florida.


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