My Vacation: The Rides! Part Three

7 Sep

So I’ve ridden a lot of rides in my day. Big drops, looping coasters, diving coasters, dark rides, water rides, you name it, I’ve probably ridden it. Ok, so I’ve never ridden a “flying coaster” but I really want to ok? I’m not afraid of heights nor am I afraid of spinning or being upside down. They just don’t bother me.

I’ve done the spinning carnival rides (remember Gravitron anyone?) and they never really bother me. Sure, like anyone I may need a moment to get my feet under me, but after that I’m off to another ride. In my memory there have only been two rides to make me feel sick to my stomach after riding. One is Mission: SPACE at EPCOT at Walt Disney World. Mission: SPACE is one of those motion mind tricks that makes a LOT of people sick. In fact, they’ve toned it down a lot and now have half the ride without the centrifuge (what a waste of money that was). Many peoples bodies (like mine) don’t like spinning in a direction that your eyes don’t detect. In other words, Mission: SPACE’s screens make it “appear” that you are heading in a straight line (up into space) but the ride is actually spinning to give you the G-Force simulation. Jedi mind trick I tell you! Sick as a dog!

So does Cedar Point have a Mission: SPACE esque ride? No, they have maXair.

This is maXair

This is maXair

What is maXair? It is a giant frisbee ride made by German manufacturer HUSS.  What you can’t see in the photo above are the seats, but I’m sure you are guessing this is some sort of swinging ride, like those pirate ships at all the parks right? It does. This one does not flip all the way upside down, but what it does do is bad. It is real bad. You see, everyone sits around in a giant circle at the bottom of the arm and the arm begins to swing:

The ride begins

The ride begins

The basic swinging motion is no big deal. I’ve done it many times. It could have gone upside down and I would have been fine but this ride cruely adds another motion to the mix. It spins. Thats right, while the ride is swinging, you are also spinning. This means that sometimes you swing backwards, sometimes forward, sometimes you spin in the opposite direction of the swinging motion and sometimes you spin with the swinging motion increasing the speed immensly.

It doesnt go all the way around, but it goes beyond paralel

It doesn't go all the way around, but it goes beyond parallel

The speed is pretty awesome. So much so that you can litteraly feel your body compressing into the seat. According to Cedar Point’s maXair site, the top speed is 70mph and riders top out at 140 feet off the ground. Not too shabby. But it got to me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I hopped off and plotted a course towards the next coaster. I didn’t puke or need to sit down. It just is rare that I get any affect other than adrenaline from a ride.


One Response to “My Vacation: The Rides! Part Three”

  1. Kati September 7, 2008 at 8:53 am #

    I don’t think I could go on that one either! Although it does look pretty cool! 🙂

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