My Vacation: The Rides! Part Two

6 Sep

So I split the rides up because there was too much to talk about! Yesterday I wrote about our first three rides (Millennium Force, Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster) and all three were pretty fabulous!

The next ride we rode was the most painful roller coaster ride I have ever ridden! It is also the ride that I am blaming for my cell phone screen having issues. I also didn’t manage to take any pictures of it nor did my mom (not even in the background!). This ride is an old woody, Mean Streak, and oh was it mean! I literally told my brother about 1/3 of the way through the ride to open his mouth so he wouldn’t shatter a tooth.

From the wikipedia entry you can see that the ride was “smoothed out” in 2001 by adding some brakes. It also states that the ride is “re-tracked almost every year.” If that was a “smoothed out”/ “re-tracked” version I cannot imagine what it was like before. After this ride my back, butt, legs and head hurt. But we continued on!

From here on out my memory gets a little fuzzy on the exact order of rides and since we rode them all, listing all of them would take more time and space than I really have. I’m going to try to hit all of the major rides and then give you my favorites!

Blue Streak, I believe this was actually one of the last rides we took, is a historic “out and back” wood coaster. It was originally built in 1964 and is actually a really good ride. The turn is rough, as should be expected from a 1960’s era woody, but it has good speed and some nice air time through the bunny hops.

Raptor is an inverted (track above) coaster with some very nice turns and rolls. It was built in 1994 but still rates in the top 20 steel coasters by coaster enthusiasts. The ride gave very strong lateral G’s through the turns and rolls and had good speed around the corners. The ride is, like most at Cedar Point, over 2 minutes long so you don’t feel disappointed at the end. While this ride is like MANY of the coasters in my local area (Dueling Dragons, Montu, etc) I enjoyed it.

The Green track with the car going over the loop is Raptor and behind it is Blue Streak

The Green track with the car going over the loop is Raptor and behind it is Blue Streak with the white supports.

Gemini is a steel racing coaster (supported by wood). The name comes from the two simultaneous launches of coasters which then race to the finish line. Unfortunately the park was not busy enough for them to run both cars so we missed out on the racing part. Wasn’t a bad ride, but wasn’t great either. Probably would have been better with the racing.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride is one of the original out of control mine car rides that you find all over the world in different parks. It felt a little dated and the second lift hill (yes, two) felt like it was placed there because the ride wasn’t going to make it to the end. Not too much to say about it. It is another steel coaster supported by wood.

Iron Dragon is a “swing” coaster with the cars hanging individually bellow the track allowing for more lateral swing during the turns. It was deceptively fast and I enjoyed the fact that the ride raced in and out of a heavily wooded area. Good scenery!

Mantis, oh Mantis! I was SO looking forward to this ride. I’ve never ridden a “stand up” coaster before. I was excited to experience a roller coaster while standing, I mean, that is highly unusual. According to wikipedia only 10 have been built in the world. Unfortunately it was one of the most uncomfortable (physically) experiences I’ve had. In order to “stand up” on the coaster you have a shoulder restraint, which is connected to bicycle seat type seat that goes between your legs to keep you from falling out the bottom. To accommodate everyone, the seat and shoulder rest contract and expand with a spring loaded type device. Unfortunately this meant that I had a bicycle seat constantly pulling up between my legs while going through loops. I was disappointed and in pain.

Corkscrew was the first coaster to include an inversion over a walk way and I think the corkscrews were very nice, but the head rests were awful. With the speed that you go through the corkscrew there is no physical way you can keep your head off of the headrest, yet they felt like metal! Padded head rests should be added and would make this a decent ride.

Awesome pic with Millenium Force in the background on the left, middle and right along with Mantis in the middle with Iron Dragon below it. Corkscrew is just peeking into the photo on the lower right.

Awesome pic with Millennium Force in the background on the left, middle and right along with Mantis in the middle with Iron Dragon below it. Corkscrew is just peeking into the photo on the lower right.

Disaster Transport was bad. After riding the ride I can’t really even explain the theme to you. Something about space. According to wikipedia this may have been explained by the rides pre-show, which didn’t exist when we rode. It was a quick ride through a dark building with black light and glowing paint. That’s about it.

Ok, so you thought I talked about all the best rides already did you? I didn’t!

One of my favorite rides on the trip was Magnum XL-200 (mom and I agree it should be 2000 or 3000 or something). This ride was the first “hypercoaster” in the world and was the first complete circuit roller coaster to go over 200 feet (probably the reason for the name). The ride layout is the basic “out and back” variety with some AWESOME hang time on the hills. So much so that my mom was complaining of bruises from the lap bar. Yes, so much air time that the car would actually forcefully pull you back into the seats during the decent! The track is nearly a mile long and is right on the beach nearly the entire time! Cedar Point’s water park “Soak City” is actually split down the middle by this amazing coaster!

This is a shot from Soak City of a train going down Magnum XL-200s first drop!

This is a shot from Soak City of a train going down Magnum XL-200's first drop!

I was also looking forward to experiencing my first ride on a “twisted impulse coaster.” Wicked Twister is just such a ride. Unlike 99.9% of all roller coasters, Wicked Twister does not complete a full circuit. It has only a single train and is launched from a stopped position up a spiral it then falls back through the launch motors (this time in reverse) and sends you backwards up another spiral. It continues back and forth a few times. While this is not the fastest coaster in the park, the launches are extreme. Passing back and forth through the station is thrilling.

One of Wicked Twisters spirals

One of Wicked Twister's spirals

Wicked Twisters full circuit from the beach.

Wicked Twister's full circuit from the beach.

Overall my top 5 coasters from my trip to Cedar Point were:

  1. Millennium Force
  2. Magnum XL-200
  3. Maverick
  4. Top Thrill Dragster
  5. Wicked Twister

Tune back in tomorrow where I will devote part three to a non-coaster thrill ride that nearly made me sick!


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  1. kori September 8, 2008 at 1:55 pm #

    never going there to scary <—afraid of hights


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