Harvest Moon by Blue Moon

2 Sep

The bottle

The bottle

Harvest Moon, a Pumpkin Ale, is part of Blue Moon’s seasonal collection and I saw it sitting on the shelf at my local Publix Sabor. I’m assuming this is their Fall seasonal and its not quite fall here in Florida, especially since we’re sitting under a tropical storm, but it is still an excellent choice to have with dinner.

If you’ve never had the father of this seasonal beer, Blue Moon, I would highly recommend that you try it if you see it at your local alcohol purveyor. Blue Moon makes Belgian style wheat beers so if you are used to watery beers like Bud and Miller you need to prepare yourself for a heavier fuller beer.

Harvest Moon is amber colored with flavors of vine-ripened pumpkin and fall spices. The label lists clove, nutmeg and all-spice. My palate picks out the nutmeg and pumpkin notes in the background of these smooth wheat beer. The beer has a clean finish and went wonderfully with my dinner of Coca-Cola Pork Chops. Harvest Moon packs a respectable 5.6% abv (alcohol by volume) so it will give you a nice light buzz but not knock you on your butt.

Yes, that is AOTS on the TV

Yes, that is AOTS on the TV

Overall I believe that the Moons are a very good entry for beginner beer drinkers, and yes, if your fridge contains anything with the names Bud, Budweiser or Miller you are a beginner beer drinker. There is a world of excellent GOOD TASTING beers out there! Go try them! Drink and be merry!!

For anyone who cares, tomorrow SHOULD be my first post with pictures and reviews of the awesome adventure I’m sure I had!


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