Zero Punctuation

27 Aug

From ZPs console war rundown

From ZP's console war rundown

As I mentioned yesterday, today I am going to talk about another foul mouthed video game reviewer that I watch as often as possible. This one is Zero Punctuation. Zero Punctuation is a British gentleman named Yahtzee currently residing in Australia. Unlike the AVGN, Yahtzee works nearly exclusively with current or brand new video games.

However, like the AVGN, he hates most of the games he reviews and curses like a sailor.  Yahtzee also doesn’t normally appear in his videos. He opts for a yellow background with near stick figures running around. As I’m sure you’ll figure out quickly, Yahtzee is always the character with the hat.

Yahtzee started on YouTube, but has been signed on by Escapist Magazine to exclusively review on their site. This means that nearly every Wednesday afternoon there will be a new Zero Punctuation Episode. I much prefer the weekly entries to AVGN’s sporadic release schedule.

Some of my favorite videos include the Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Army of Two and Guitar Hero III. Last weeks review of Soul Caliber IV was especially hilarious. Of course, I do not know what today’s will hold! (Those links are to videos)

Past the break I have posted a couple of Yahtzee’s episodes from YouTube prior to his signing on with Escapist. WordPress will not allow me to embed from Escapist Magazine’s site, so I cannot put most of his best videos below. Some are available on YouTube, but I do not wish to use illegal videos. Escapist owns the rights to the videos (and the ad revenue they bring in).

AGAIN, the language in these videos will be NSFW!


Teaser about his move away from YouTube:

The Darkness (I believe this was the first “Zero Punctuation”):


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