Olympic Sham

25 Aug

To you IOC and Beijing Olympics!

To you IOC and Beijing Olympics!

Beijing looked good in the Olympics, don’t it? Those opening ceremonies? Some bloggers were talking about them. All fake. Very sad really. China has more people, more power and more money than just about any other country but they couldn’t do it right? Lip Syncing and fake fireworks in the country that invented them! Fake passports for gymnasts. A building skinned with a digital screen to make it look finished and occupied? Lame.

The worst part? That GE and NBC went along with them. Those footsteps would have been amazing, even had one of them been mistimed or misfired it would have been visually and technically amazing. Instead they just used a digital overlay! Whats the point in that? I could do that at home!

The Olympics are supposed to be about pure athleticism and the world coming together, not a country getting a HUGE propaganda campaign broadcast around the world! Athletes are thrown out and disgraced, have their medals taken from them years later for admitting to taking enhancing drugs. I say that China should have all of their medals taken away in exchange for their “country enhancing” visual effects they have used!

Check out Rick Reilly’s post on it at ESPN.com here.


2 Responses to “Olympic Sham”

  1. sunshinekmp August 25, 2008 at 8:56 am #

    I agree. How dumb to fake so much of it. Obviously everyone found out…so it’s not like they got away with it!

  2. erin August 25, 2008 at 4:08 pm #

    a. this is like 17 days too late, and b. we do this too. hence britney spears, ashlee simpson, and everyone else who lip synchs.

    i think replacing the little girl with someone who was ‘cuter’ was a mistake; little girls are cute, and the one who could sing would have been fine. but again – the usa is super guilty of lip synching, so we can’t point the finger at china without pointing the finger at ourselves. i’m obviously anti the gymnastic team being under 16, but since there’s no carbon dating of humans, there’s not much anyone can do. as for the footsteps, i could tell they were fake, but there was so much technology in the opening ceremony, it didn’t bother me.

    and with the olympics being about the world coming together, i think that’s exactly what nbc did. china has some sketchy world policies – everyone knows that – but they instead chose to focus on the games. as for the doping, they did discuss this – bob costas taked with the ioc president about this, actually – and beijing has had far better results with anti-doping procedures than athens. they’re even saving the samples for up to 8 years, so the levels can be continually monitored.

    i think the organizers wanted to show beijing’s promise, and i’m all for china adapting to the modern world. the olympics are always about showcasing the host country – no one said that nbc was propaganda-ing greece, but they were.

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