CVS Extra Care

22 Aug



My friend, the keeper of monkeys, is always bragging about her awesome deals at CVS using their “Extra Care” program. So much that I decided I needed to get a card and do some shopping for myself. Now, I’m not as good as her! I’m only shopping for me, so that eliminates a good chunk of the “good deals,” as a lot of deals are for products that I don’t need. I also don’t get the Sunday paper (or any paper at all) so I don’t have manufacturer coupons to use to make the deals even better. I just want to use it to get a few dollars off things that I would buy anyways.

I went last night and had what I think is a pretty good shopping trip. They didn’t have any Pepsi 12 packs (they were 4 for $11 PLUS Buy 4 get 1 free) and I only got things I needed. Here is what I got!

  • 2 6-packs of 20oz Gatorade – 2 for $9 – Get $2 ECB back
  • 2 6-packs of Slim-Fast Optima meal bars – $6.49 each – Get $4 ECB back
  • 4 Ivory Soap 3-packs – $1.39 each – Get $2 ECB back ($1 ECB per 2 purchased)
  • 100-pack standard size Band-Aids – $8.99
  • 45-pack assorted size Band-Aids – $3.69 – Get $5 ECB back (for $10 in Band-Aid)
  • 1 225 count Tylenol Extra Strength – $17.29 – Get $3 ECB back
  • 2 6 oz. Ultra Dry Degree for Men Aerosol – $4.39 each (No ECB’s, I just needed some!)

That is $66.29 before tax. I used $11.99 ECB’s I had from my original Extra Care Purchase, so after tax I only paid $55.10 and received $16 in ECB’s to use on my next visit (plus a coupon for a free CVS toothbrush!). So it balances out to $39.10 for $66 worth of products. Not bad I think!


One Response to “CVS Extra Care”

  1. sunshinekmp August 22, 2008 at 9:08 am #

    🙂 You’ll get there my friend!

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