Kitty Update!

16 Aug

At least two people said I should do little updates about the new kitty on my blog so my readers can see her grow up. This also gives me an excuse to take lots and lots of pictures!

So first off, I named her. The recommendation actually came from my wonderful mom and after sleeping on it for a night I decided I liked “Whiskey.” Partially because I am big fan of Jack Daniels, but also, I find her orange-ish patches remind me of the wonderful color of Whiskey! Photos past the break!!!

To start off when she got home we quickly ran into a few issues that we had to work through:

  1. She was so scared that she hid under the couch, entertainment center and the aquariums for the first 12 hours or so.
  2. She would run if she even saw Sasha.
  3. She wouldn’t use the litter box.
  4. She thinks my chest and arms are scratching posts.

After some time she got over #1 (she still spends some time under the bed) and finally today I witnessed her and Sasha starting to become friendly AND caught Whiskey using the litter box!!! Unfortunately, we are still working on #4!

Whiskey “digging” in my chest (Yes, that’s a scratch on my nose from Whiskey):

Whiskey on my chest.

Whiskey on my chest.

This one you can see the claws:



Sasha supervising Whiskey eating:



Sasha supervising the watering hole:

This will be easier when my new pet fountain arrives!

This will be easier when my new pet fountain arrives!

Whiskey exiting the litter box!!! (I was super excited!):

I should light a match!

I should light a match!

Sasha and Whiskey checking each other out:



Whiskey likes beer?????:




Dad, sleepy time? NO MORE PICTURES!!

Dad, sleepy time? NO MORE PICTURES!!


3 Responses to “Kitty Update!”

  1. Kati August 16, 2008 at 9:41 am #

    She looks so small! And I think you should get her declawed!

  2. Joe O. August 16, 2008 at 10:05 am #

    She is ITTY BITTY! Only 12 weeks old!!!! She weighs like 1/2 pound! (I don’t really know, but she is really light).

  3. infijess August 16, 2008 at 10:34 am #

    Sooo cute!!!

    Don’t declaw her!! Kitty’s need their knuckles!!

    I recommend playing with her paws a lot so she stops clawing, and keeping them trimmed. Kitties are harder becuase theirs are sharper more often. It’s for defense, being so small and all.

    I cna’t wait to meet Whiskey! And give you my Jack Daniels it’s soooo baaaad. I must have had a bad night with JD at some point. We still don’t get along!

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