Pandora Radio

13 Aug

So my sister sent me a link in an email simply saying “I think you might like this website. Check it!”

The link she gave me was to Pandora – The Music Genome Project. Immediately it reminded me of Yahoo! Lunchcast. You pick bands and songs that you like and it plays those bands and songs along with others that you may like based on similarities. Launchcast only exclusively uses your and other peoples ratings to pick songs. So if you say you like System of a Down, Lunchcast will play you bands that others who like System of a Down like. The problem with that system is people like me!

I listen to and enjoy such a wide variety that I will rank SOAD very high and right alongside Eminem. How many SOAD fans like Eminem you think? And do you think they will be happy when Launchcast uses my preferences to play them something? Probably not.

Pandora’s project on the the other hand, actually have taken the attributes to individual songs, like melodies, harmonies, style, tempo, etc to find songs. So instead of just using some other average Joe’s ratings, they use actual musical similarities.

As I started adding bands I liked I let the radio start playing songs for me. Amazingly, the third song they played was a band I REALLY like but had not added yet. The system works!

The system will even tell you why it picked that particular song. It will also allow you to thumbs up, or thumbs down songs, or to block songs you don’t ever want to hear again (like if the song was the first dance at your wedding or something). With all of these settings being online and saved, you just log in from any computer in the world, and you can listen to your station! You can even share your station! Anyone who wants to hear mine, just leave me a comment!

Another advantage over Launchcast is that it is 100% free! Yahoo! made Launchcast a tiered system. There is a free version, but you can’t skip many songs (advertisement songs) and they play you an ad about every 10 minutes (there are only 3 ads, so that gets annoying).

Final advantage, and its a biggie to me, it works in Firefox! Launchast will only operate in Internet Explorer.

So far (and I’ve been using it for over a day) I would highly recommend Pandora. It takes a little time, and a lot of repition, to get all the bands you like programmed in to your station, but it will start by you adding just a single artist. So pick you favorite artist and away you go!


3 Responses to “Pandora Radio”

  1. infijess August 13, 2008 at 9:34 am #

    I LOVE Pandora!!! I started listening to it when it first came out. I was excited when you could share channels. I always wanted the in home player but man that is expensive!

    I’ve used Lauchcast too, and I actually paid to have the membership for a year.

    I prefer Pandora, you can really develop a personal station and hear things you’ve never heard of or wasn’t sure you’d like!

  2. Kati August 13, 2008 at 9:35 am #

    Sounds pretty cool. 🙂


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