Olympic Opening Ceremonies…

10 Aug

If you watched it last night I’m going to assume you don’t have epilepsy! That was the biggest technicolor light show I’ve ever seen! I was watching it on my parents 42 inch Sharp Aquos (just like mine) and at times I had to look away.

I agree with the commentators that it was an amazing and over the top show. I’m not sure if it was a “coming out party” as they said about 75 times because I’m not sure what a “coming out party” really is. I do believe that they were trying to recreate the colors that you see when you take some illegal drugs (I don’t know from personal experience MOM!).

Being a “techie” I enjoyed the “world’s largest LCD screen” and the light up drums was really cool. The guys in the green suits with what looked like Christmas tree lights were quite funny and the visuals from the sky were amazing. I believe that they actually did too much. The cameras were unable to take it all in, and it is doubtful that those in the stadium did any better (especially with the scrims above their heads interacting with the people below). All in all it was very entertaining, too long, but entertaining. The NBC commentators were horrid. Trying to explain the OBVIOUS metaphors being made saying the “average American may not understand.” If they don’t have the common sense and reasoning powers to figure it out, maybe it wasn’t meant for them?

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a video to show, but since NBC has a bug up its butt about copyrights (I’m betting a few hundred thousand people have it on their DVR anyways!) so the only version I can find is from a different countries feed. This means the commentators are not speaking English (sorry but it may have been for the best anyways).

Part 1:

Part 2:


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