Insurance Woes…

4 Aug

I guess this could come down to customer service (or the lack thereof) across the board nowadays. My good friend (monkeys anyone?) has many, many, many posts talking about the horrible experience with HP customer service and technical support. I always try to avoid having to speak to CSR’s, but sometimes it is required.

My automobile insurance is through Esurance, partly because of the ease to do everything on-line. Yes, they advertise EVERYTHING on-line:

Yup, she says “EVERYTHING.” Of course, the on-line thing is not the only reason I have Esurance, I am cheap ya know!

So today I went on-line to remove my ex and her car from my policy now that she has left, the divorce is final and she told me she has her own insurance. When I attempted to make the changes it kept telling me that I needed a CSR’s help. Really? Can I talk to that CSR on-line? Nope…

So I call their 1-800 number and swim through the 5 menu trees until I get to “Make general policy changes.” Perfect. It then asks me my policy number, DOB, last four of my social and house number (which it didn’t like my single digit house number). It then puts me on hold for nearly 30 minutes when a nice sounding woman thanks me for calling and asks what she can do for me. I politely tell her that I need to remove one car and one driver from my policy. She then asks my full name, DOB, social and asks me to confirm my phone number. Didn’t I already tell them that already?

She asks, so I tell her to remove the Rav4 and obviously that I was not removing myself from the policy, she giggled. She then tells me that she is not a licensed insurance agent in the state of Florida and she will have to connect me to a licensed insurance agent in the state of Florida in order to complete the removal. So I go on hold again…

She then comes back and tells me she has an agent on the line, so now we are in a three way conversation. The agent asks me to confirm that I would like to remove the Rav4 and tells me that removing the car will result in about a  $400 credit to my policy which will be prorated for the rest of the 6 month policy. Fine, we’re getting closer.

She then tells me that there will be an increase of $50 each for her to change both status’ to “divorced” (because they give you a discount if you are married) so the payment will go up from the amount she just told me by $100. I ask why would it go up for my ex wife if she is being removed from the policy? And this is where Esurance distances themselves even further from the Internet.

She says that she will email me an exclusion form that I will have to sign then fax AND mail back to them before she will be officially removed. I have to fax AND spend my own money on an envelope and stamp while praying that USPS can manage to not lose it or tear it up before it gets to Sioux Falls, SD. Once they complete the removal my policy will go down nearly another $300. Why would an “on-line insurance company” require you to do so much offline?

I don’t know. Could be state insurance regulations. It could be a lot of things, but I don’t know. Not because I didn’t ask, I did! The response was that this is what I had to do because that’s what everyone has to do.

Now you may wonder why I worry about the postal service delivering my letter. It is because not long ago I received this:

Mail FAIL!

Mail FAIL!

This is all I received. It is the back cover of an aquarium catalog. That should be about 150 something pages. They delivered that and put a sticker on it that says “received damaged.” Really? So Dr. Foster and Smith who mail thousands of these catalogs each month handed it to you like this and had you mail it anyway. They paid full postage to send 3/4 of a page? /USPS rant

In conclusion, I may prefer doing things on-line, but I understand the problems with making these kinds of transactions on-line. All I want is you not to lie to me. Don’t spit in my face and tell me its raining!


6 Responses to “Insurance Woes…”

  1. Kati August 4, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    Geez. Sounds like a fun time sitting on hold! I really can’t believe that they would make you pay MORE for insurance when you are covering less cars and less drivers. (And it’s not like you added a 16 year old to your policy.)

  2. Joe O. August 4, 2008 at 10:30 am #

    Yea…Kt…its weird…in the end I will be paying less (a lot less) but while we’re both on the policy and both divorced it goes up a bit…I guess divorced people are worse drivers?

  3. jiimiona August 9, 2008 at 8:42 am #

    Viva La Evolucion 😉


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