26 Jul

Aint he cute?

Ain't he cute?

No, I didn’t misspell that! Pidgin is a software program that I recently found and am loving! It is an instant messaging program that allows you to combine all of your favorite instant messaging programs into one small program.

It allows you to combine your screen names and buddy lists from a TON of programs (some I’ve never heard of before). It supports AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, MySpace IM, MSN Messenger (which apparently has been renamed “I’m” and sends their ad revenue to charity), IRC, Google Talk, QQ (China’s IM), XMPP, Sametime, SIMPLE, SYLC, Groupwise, Gadu-Gadu (Polish for Chit Chat), and Bonjour. If you have an account with all of those programs you are something special!

I regularly use (like every time I turn on my computers) AIM and Yahoo! Messenger. In addition to that, I have two AIM screen names. Running two programs and having three separate buddy lists is pretty annoying. Pidgin gives me one buddy list and one type of messaging window which is tabbed. So if I’m talking to 4 different people on 3 different screen names using 2 different programs it only takes ONE window! I love it!

It does have some limitations. Some of each programs “features” aren’t supported by Pidgin. In Yahoo! Messenger I can’t BUZZ someone and web-cams don’t seem to be supported. The way I see it though, is that if I need to turn on the cam I can open Yahoo! up.

I’ve done some comparison tests and Pidgin runs much smoother and uses MUCH less of the computers resources than EITHER AIM or Yahoo! It isn’t even close when you have to run both programs. There are also no advertisements on Pidgin.

I’m sure many of you have no use for this program, but maybe ya do? I dunno…I’m using it and recommend it to anyone who needs it!

5 Responses to “Pidgin”

  1. infijess July 29, 2008 at 11:55 am #

    I used something called Trillion in college. Sounds similar. Now I’m addicted to GChat which is only AOL but no on really talks to me on yahoo or hotmail anymore anyway.

  2. Joe O. July 29, 2008 at 1:25 pm #

    Jess- I used to use trillian too…but it became too big and tried to do everything, plus they charge for it now!


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