25 Jul

So it appears that I have been abandoned! Most of my friends that I talk to on a regular basis online have flown the coop and I’m still stuck here! Tomorrow I am going to Busch Gardens Tampa Africa for some fun in the sun, but that’s not a real vacation! Check these out:

The keeper of monkeys is on a cruise for her anniversary and is currently exploring private beaches and nice weather (I hope) on the other (West side) of Mexico. I guess she has taken SOO many cruises in her life (must be nice) that she was bored with the Caribbean’s more than 7,000 islands! I wonder if the Pacific ocean tastes the same?

Also having ditched me for the Pacific side of the country is my friend Jess and her boy toy Joe. He needs to change his name or something because hanging out with them becomes very confusing! They are off to San Diego for Comic Con ’08. Working at a convention center I’ve seen my fair share of comic book conventions. The largest being MEGACON and that is nothing compared to the sheer size of Comic Con. I don’t believe I could handle that much. I mean, it seems that 85% of the people who attend these shows dress up as characters I’ve never heard of, but if you ask them who they are, they are offended. Not to mention that some parents really should take a second look at what their 15-17 year old girls are wearing out in public! But that’s a tangent I won’t tackle here…

Another friend, Constance, who happens to work these comic book conventions for fun is out at Comic Con also. Weird! Worst part is that she enjoys these conventions and travels all over to work them, but in a few years she may well have the title “Dr.” before her name!!!

So, when am I getting a vacation? If everything goes as planned I’m finally going to have a chance to take a coaster trip! Remember my post about it? My family is planning a road trip to Sandusky, Ohio to the mecca of roller coasters (in my mind anyways) Cedar Point and hit Kings Island on the way back.

We have three drivers, so we plan on leaving VERY early in the morning and drive straight up. Google Maps says it will take about 16 and a half hours (of course that is non-stop at the speed limit).

We will be staying at Castaway Bay. This is a hotel owned by Cedar Point which means it comes with perks like early entry into the park! It also has its own indoor water park!

I CANNOT wait for some of these new roller coasters. In the previous post I showed videos and talked about the Top Fuel Dragster, but that is just ONE of the parks many “aggressive thrill” rides.

I’m also looking forward to:

Mean Streak a HUGE wooden coaster.

Millennium Force has got to be kidding! 310 feet in the air!?!? Look at that thing!

Wicked Twister is an example of another type of coaster that I’ve never ridden (like Dragster) because they don’t exist around here. It looks awesome!

From the “thrill rides” (AKA – Non-Coaster ride) I’m really looking forward to:



This trip could be the greatest moment of my life!!!


5 Responses to “Vacations”

  1. InfiJess July 25, 2008 at 11:28 am #

    Dude I LOVE Cedar Point!!

    Next year you’re coming here with me. We’re putting a “small press company” together to get professional entry and we’ll need lackeys! You also would find some of the gaming stuff cool and wouldn’t shake a stick at the freebies!!

    Thank heavens for free wireless or I would be sadly without my internets and only surrounded by the sheer masses of costumes.

    Oh and today is “Star Wars Day” so there’s sure to be at least 4 fat dudes in the Princess Leia Slave Costume.

    This is a lot like MegaCon, which we attend every year, only like it’s on crack and with way more famous people. At Mega Con the biggest actor I could see was Sean Astin or Lou Ferreigno. Pretty Cool, but here … Kevin Smith! Also the artists are WAY cooler, Stan Sakai, Sergio Arogones, GRIS GRIMLY!!! (got his autograph AND picture), The guys from Girl Genius and Unshelved!

    Anyway, next year dude, next year.

    (One downer, 😦 we might not make the zoo)

  2. Kori July 25, 2008 at 2:30 pm #

    comic con? why didn’t you tell me? I want to go. San Diego isn’t that far… I could have flown… i want to go… i love anima and comics and weird people… *cries*

  3. Joe O. July 25, 2008 at 2:50 pm #

    I didn’t go to Comic Con! I’m not that cool!

  4. sunshinekmp July 29, 2008 at 2:41 pm #

    I want to go on your vacation! Although I’m not sure I’d like all those roller coasters!

  5. Joe O. July 29, 2008 at 2:43 pm #

    Roller coasters are the bestest though!!!!

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