24 Jul

I’m betting that 98% of you are viewing this blog using the old reliable Microsoft creation Internet Explorer, right? I mean, it came pre-loaded on your computer and that is what you are supposed to use. What if I told you there was something better, faster and customizable?

What if I told you it was free?

What if I told you that 99.9% of websites will work in exactly like they work in IE? Too good to be true? It’s not!

I remember hearing about Mozilla when it was still in Beta, before it became the Netscape Navigator and finally Firefox. I tried it, but due to the newness of the browser, and the whole world wide web for that matter, it didn’t work very well. Most websites at the time just weren’t designed to be compatible with anything other than IE. But that has changed!

If you are using IE 7 (and if you are using IE, you should be!) than you have been introduced to the wonderful world of “tabbed browsing.” Did you think Microsoft came up with that? Nope!

So, you can download (for free) the Mozilla Firefox web browser here, but that is just the beginning. After you download it you can download numerous “add-ons.” Since Firefox is an “open source” browser, anyone can make add-ons for it! This means there is a wide variety of add-ons for every thinkable (and some you won’t think of) use.

There are also “themes” you can download. These themes are skins for your browser so you can change the colors/shapes/sizes of your buttons and task bars. There is everything from sports team themes to holiday themes. Ones that just change the colors to some that change the look entirely. There is even one that makes Firefox look like IE!!! Theme I’m using currently is Aquatint Black Gloss.

In addition to the add-ons and themes another feature that I like is that you can place your favorite bookmarks (IE calls bookmarks favorites) right on the toolbar for easy one-click access!

I personally have added the following add-ons:

1.) Adblock Plus – Helps block pop-ups and many ads on website pages.

2.) Feed Sidebar – This add-on sold me on Firefox. It gives me a very nice sidebar that I can open and close with all of my RSS feeds in it. It also adds a nice icon and small notices whenever I get a new RSS item. Since I read 12-15 blogs everyday, this makes it VERY easy to keep up to date with them. You should subscribe to my RSS feed.

2.) Google Preview – Gives you a small thumbnail preview of EACH page in the results of your google search!

3.) Surf Canyon – Gives you preview pics on Craigslist and gives you suggested similar links to your search results on Craigslist, google, and Yahoo!.

4.) PMOG – A passive game. It puts a toolbar at the bottom of your browser, and as you surf the web you are playing a game with thousands of other people. Just by doing your everyday surfing you are playing the game and will find missions and other surprises left by other players. These missions will take you to other pages (on a theme) and are very helpful to find new and interesting websites.

5.) Woot! Watcher – On the bottom corner of my screen it tells me what Woot! is selling at what price for the day. Only works with original woot! currently.

Overall there are hundreds of different reasons to love Firefox. Everyone can make it exactly what they need their browser to be! Go check it out!

10 Responses to “Firefox!”

  1. mom July 24, 2008 at 7:48 am #

    can you come over and add this to my computer?

  2. InfiJess July 24, 2008 at 12:28 pm #

    Isn’t it great?!? Another fun browser is Safari. Looks just like using a mac. freaky

    I personally have downloaded:

    Book Burro: automotically detects if you are looking at a book lets you see if a library near you has a book and how much it is at amazon,, and somewhere else


    A Craiglist Preview addon – actually doesn’t play nice with PMOG so I will be looking for another. I love that you can preview the pictures though. Put craigslist back on my regular surfing tour.

    I love the addons!!

  3. Joe O. July 24, 2008 at 1:54 pm #

    Hey Jess – Surf Canyon does stuff on craigslist, like image previews plus it doesn’t interfere with PMOG…as far as I can tell anyways…

    It also will give you a button that will give you “related links” on yahoo!, google or craigslist!

  4. Mark Cramer July 24, 2008 at 4:30 pm #

    Thank you, Joe, for the post and for installing our application.

    Coincidentally enough, our latest version (v1.1.2) includes a collaboration with Google Preview, which I see you also have installed, so that the image previews are smoothly integrated with both the recommendations and subsequent pages of results.

    One quick note on how our application works – it’s actually re-ranking Google et al. “on the fly” in order to bring forward relevant results from deeper in the result set.

    Thank you again and enjoy!


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