BJ’s Brewhouse

12 Jul

A new restaurant opened up down the road at The Loop West. The Loop is a large outdoor mall in Kissimmee and it is expanding with another “loop” that they are calling The Loop West. Most of the West side is not open yet, but it does have a Circuit City, Babies ‘R Us (shouldn’t they sell babies? Toys ‘R Us sells toys!) and JC Penny open. BJ’s Brewhouse opened a week or two ago, but this was my first visit. I checked their website and found they brew their own beers, on average they have 8 of them on tap! Here is the list! They also brew their own root beer!

Being that I’m in the middle of a divorce and women find me revolting, I brought Rob. The atmosphere was very nice. The restaurant was full, but clean. The hostess was friendly and they have a revolving door! I chose not to use that door on the way out, which was probably a good idea.

The server was a little slow, it took her about 3 minutes to even come by. When I worked in a restaurant if you didn’t acknowledge a table within 60 seconds you were trouble. I ordered the “seven taster set.” Yes, a sample of all seven of their regular beers. They were all pretty good, but their “Nutty Brunette” was probably the best. Brunettes always are better than blondes! Rob started out with one beer and then got the seven tasters so at one point we had 15 beers and no food on our table.

For dinner I had their “Derek’s Favorite Meatloaf Sandwich” which is on their “knife and fork” sandwich menu. It was two large slabs of meatloaf and mashed potatos on top of some crispy cheesy garlic french bread. It took about 5 minutes of me eating before I even saw the french bread, there was a lot of food! The meatloaf was a mix of beef and pork with chunkc of celery, onion, peppers and carrots mixed in. It was moist and tender and very flavorful!

Rob had the spaghetti with spicy sauce. Rob said it was good, but you’ll have to ask him for a detailed review.

For dessert I had a root beer float (remember I said they brewed their own root beer?). It was VERY VERY good, the root beer had the perfect amount of bite to it! I would highly recommend the float to anyone who goes there!

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. Even when there was a slight mistake the hostess made it funny. They use a computer system to seat the guests. So the hostess enters your name and party into the computer and then when a table is ready a slip prints out saying your name, number of guests and what table to take you to. The slip said we were a party of 5, now, I’m a big guy but 3 extra people? The girl brought us to the table and took away the extra chair and even stopped by twice later to kid about our party of 5! Wait, wasn’t that a TV show? It was!

BJ’s had a varied menu, including fresh pizzas, Angus burgers and some delicious looking pasta dishes. On average their menu was in the $8 per entree range, and was defiantly worth it!

3 Responses to “BJ’s Brewhouse”

  1. Kati July 12, 2008 at 9:21 am #

    This sounds REALLY good. I think we’ll have to figure out a time to go there. I’ve never heard of it before but I’m pretty sure B would like to try the beers too. I’m also happy to hear that you do know that brunettes are better than blondes!

  2. Kori July 17, 2008 at 9:16 am #

    That is awsome. There own root beer, joal would love that. Next time I’m down we are so going there…mmm food


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