An alarm clock that wakes up your friends?

6 Jul

I might define that as being a tyrant.

Well, Alice Wang is some sort of crazy mad scientist of the 21st century. Her website says she is from Tapai and recently graduated with a degree in product design. I didn’t know that was a major, but I guess I can see where we need creative people to come up with crazy ideas that will help us in our lives.

Her “product” that caught Engadget’s attention (and mine) is called “tyrant.” The short definition says that “this alarm clock steals your mobile phone and randomly shuffles through your contact list and calls someone every three minutes after the desired wake up time.”

Yes, that is what it says! For example, if I had this alarm clock someone could be receiving a phone call at 4:43am EST! Anyone in my phone list think that would be awesome?

I’m guessing the idea is that if you are dead or hurt this will keep you from rotting for days in bed, but I’m having a hard time seeing the everyday usefulness of the product. In fact, I feel the same for most of the products on her web page.

Perfect sleep” is an alarm clock that you set based on how long you want to sleep rather than what time you want/need to get up. “Grass scanner/parktone” allows you to see if the grass is in fact greener on the other side. I’m glad the world has “product designers” who are creative enough to come up with these things!


One Response to “An alarm clock that wakes up your friends?”

  1. Kati July 6, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    Oh my! Yes please do not buy this alarm clock because I do NOT want to be called at 4:43 in the morning…unless you really need help!

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