28 Jun

I hate to admit it, but I watch WAY too much television.

That got me thinking about my favorite TV commercials. My newest obsession are the Dunkin Donuts singing commercials:

Check after the break (sorry for the extra clicking mom) for more videos!

More DD singing (watch for the turtle!):

Meatloaf in a commercial is awesome. (Note: The woman singing is Tiffany, yes that Tiffany):

Dr. Pepper didn’t put Meatloaf in it, but his song plus the awesomness of Dr. Pepper:

This is the “top 10” from the 2008 Super Bowl…I don’t agree with all of them, but the one with Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons is great and I LOVE the carrier pigeons:

2007’s “Top 10” I think was MUCH better:


One Response to “Commercials…”

  1. Kati June 29, 2008 at 9:22 am #

    So I finally sat down to watch all of these! I haven’t seent the Dunkin Donuts ones or the GoPhone but they were funny. The Dr. Pepper one was good too.
    For 2008, I like the one with the horses and the dog…it was cute… 🙂
    For 2007, I like the Bud Light one…with the “how to order” and the wedding one. And the Doritos one… lol. Geez what was with all the Bud light ones though!

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