Feasting On Asphalt…

26 Jun

As I said in my Favorite TV Shows post, I enjoy Alton Brown and his cooking shows. I also thoroughly enjoyed his Feasting On Asphalt series. These two mini-series follow him and some crew on a motorcycle ride across the US eating at off the beaten path roadside eateries.

The first season was an ocean to ocean affair starting at the Atlantic and ending at the Pacific. Alton’s bike didn’t make it the whole way because he wrecked and broke his collarbone, but he did finish the trip in a sling. The second season (aired last year) was “The River Run” and as the name states, followed the biggest baddest river in the US, the Mississippi River.

Starting in New Orleans at the gulf and ending in Minnesota at the headwaters to the Mississippi. No carnage this time, but it was still a thoroughly enjoyable show. This time they released a book cataloguing the adventure!

I was given this book for my birthday! Yes, it showed up almost a month late, but that’s not important! I’m not a big book person, but I enjoyed this book. The book has some AWESOME pictures from the trip and some insights that weren’t contained in the original series. It also contains 40 recipes from the trip! Some direct from the source, some are Alton’s take on a dish they had on the trip.

I would recommend picking this up for anyone who enjoys Good Eats or Alton Brown. Also, watch for the next season of Feasting on Asphalt! According to what I read on AltonBrown.com a while back, the next season will be Alton and crew island jumping in the Caribbean!

Amazon.com has a pretty good price on it right now. Check it out!


2 Responses to “Feasting On Asphalt…”

  1. InfiJess June 26, 2008 at 10:44 am #

    Nice review. When are we Feasting on the Asphalt you cook up??


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