Looping Water Slide!

18 Jun

As you may have guessed from my Aquatica review (my most popular post) I live in Florida and enjoy Water Parks. I also enjoy thrill rides. Aquatica lacks a true thrill of a water ride, but I have ridden Wet ‘n Wild’sDer Stuka” and “The Bomb Bay” which are quite a thrill. From reading through Screamscape I found this YouTube video of a looping water slide. The video states it is in Germany (and the video is in German) but my information says this slide is actually in Slovenia. Either way, this is one hell of a slide.

WARNING: This video is of a water park in Slovenia, so there will be bathing suits, including European men wearing their standard bathing suit (Speedo). No nudity, but don’t be suprised…

I wish I could find something in English on this. Something to notice in this slide is that at the bottom “entry” to the loop there is a set of stairs, a lifeguard and an emergency hatch. This is in case you don’t make it over the loop and (in coaster speak) “valley” you can get out.


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