Brewmaster’s Club

17 Jun

Bud WaterDo you like beer? Have you ever been to Sea World or Busch Gardens and thought “These two free beers a day are great, but can I have more?” The answer is yes! But no they don’t have any Bud drinking water.

Up until recently I had never done the Brewmaster’s Club. I had seen the signs, read the descriptions and thought it would be cool, but never got around to it. Now it is something that I think I will do EVERY visit to Sea World or Busch Gardens.

First off, you need reservations. At Sea World there is a podium just to the left of the free beer (free beer opens at 11am inside “The Hospitality House”) where a nice lad or lady will be standing. Get your reservation, then come back when they tell you to.

When you come back you will sit in a nice waiting area with wood floors, leather couches and no children. A bartender will come and get your group (6 people at Sea World, 4 at Busch Gardens) and bring you into one of the tasting rooms. You will be standing at a place setting with a plate and 4 small beer glasses (more like large shot glasses). I’m guessing they are probably about 3.5 oz glasses.

You will get a choice of beer in each of 4 categories (hence the 4 glasses) and the bartender will open up  one and pour for you. They will explain how you should pour beer, how you should drink the beer, and give you something to eat with it. Different cheeses, olives, chocolates or fruit. The four categories were fruity, light, medium and dark.

The fruity included Bud Light Lime, Bud Extra, Tilt and one of the new Michelob Ultra fruits. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Bud Light Lime and the Michelob Ultras (lime cactus, orange pomegranate, etc) but Bud Extra and Tilt? Bud Extra is Budweiser brewed with an energy drink! Yes, taurine, ginsing, guarana and beer! Tilt is a malt beverage made with all the energy drink stuff. So its green and doesn’t taste anything like beer (tastes like Mountain Dew!).

The lights and mediums didn’t have anything too remarkable but in the dark (which is relative since they don’t have any porters or oatmeal stouts) there was a beer called Red Bridge. I tried it because it was a beer I had never had before (kinda rare) and found out that it tasted good! The biggest surprise was that the beer was gluten free. It isn’t made with wheat or barley for anyone who can’t have glutens. I can have glutens and enjoy them, but the beer tasted good. Where do you find it?

Just call 1-800-DIAL-BUD. You will be connected with an actual person in St. Louis (supposedly) who will answer any questions you have about Anheuser-Busch products. They will also tell you what stores stock which of their products in your town! I tried it, it worked!

Next time you are planning a day at Sea World and have somewhere to stash your kids for 45 minutes, do it! Its informative and free beer! Should I say that again? FREE BEER!

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