So…what now?

16 Jun

So I really haven’t written in a couple days now. Saturday’s post was written a week before (it was easier that way) and I didn’t have anything yesterday, and this will probably be it until tomorrow. The reason?

I’ve been sick and un-inspired. My good friend, who got me hooked on this blogging thing, has been about 99.99% of my feedback AND she’s out of town (lucky her). I believe she is in Las Vegas today (win me some money!) and has already been to the Grand Canyon! With her not around my view count appeared to be going down, which was fine, until yesterday.

Yesterday I didn’t make a post (I meant to do a Happy Fathers Day post, but forgot) and I wasn’t around (spent the day with my dad). I also didn’t pimp myself out by posting bulletins on MySpace to scrounge up hits. However, when I got home last night and checked my spam comment folder I saw that I broke my record. I had 83 hits yesterday. Nothing new, no promotion, new record?

I don’t get it, but I hope some of you come back! I’m hoping to get back on the horse and have a real post ready for tomorrow!


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