Another kid rant

12 Jun

So I eat at fast food restaurants way too much, I admit it! Over the last few months I’ve started seeing something that I don’t recall ever seeing before and in the last week I’ve seen it multiple times. What have I seen? Children under 8 ordering in the drive thru…

Yes, parents are choosing to pull forward, roll down the back window and allow their small child order. I have  a couple problems with this: First, shouldn’t the parents have some sort of control over what their children are eating? Second, it ALWAYS causes communication problems. Children don’t speak the same as adults. Children don’t normally speak as clearly, nor do they have the full size lungs to project their voice the same. They just don’t.

So please, if you have a small child order for them. Or, have them tell you what they want, and then you can tell the drive thru operator. Let’s not make the job any more difficult for them…they really don’t make that much money!


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