29 May

First off, I LOVE MovieStop!! It’s like GameStop only for movies. I would link their website but they don’t have one that I can find. You can buy/sell/trade movies, so you can get some deals on movies (many times it is cheaper than renting!!!). There is one in front of the Super Target near the Seminole Town Center Mall (in Sanford) and one next to the Wal-Mart on Osceola Parkway at the Turnpike (in Kissimmee). Those are the only two I’ve seen…

Back when we lived in Longwood we would go to the one by the STC mall a lot and 9 times out of 10 there was this guy Carlos there. He was very nice and would remember what kind of movies we would buy and offer reservations along those lines. I always thought he was gay until one day his wife and kids were there…so I was wrong. Not that it matters to me anyways…

This afternoon I stopped by the Kissimmee MovieStop and who is there? Carlos! When I came to the counter he says “I know you, how do I know you?” I said “I used to go to the other MovieStop by the Seminole Mall” he says “ok” and rings up my two $5 DVDs. About 75 seconds later he goes “OHH, You always came in with that girl and bought ALL the Disney movies. Have you reserved the ones coming out this year…” he continues doing a good job selling me on movies that I don’t want. Carolyn was the driving force behind the Disney movies.

This was then akward…how should have I responded? What is the approprate response in my situation? I’m still new at this whole seperation/divroce thing. Anyone got any ideas for future encounters?


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