Indiana Jones Review…

26 May

So yesterday I went to see Indiana Jones and “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. The rehash of the great Indiana Jones series. I will first off say that I know the first three movies relied on some unbelievable moments, but this one takes the cake.

We start off seeing that Indy and Mack have been kidnapped by the NazisRussians so he can help them find a lost artifact hidden in a crate in a HUGE storage warehouse. Indy uses his MacGyver like skills to find the crate and inside you find the Ark of the Covenant some sort of magnetic corpse. He escapes the double cross and ends up back at home where he is a professor. His son, though he doesn’t know it, finds him and accompanies him to South America to save his mom (Indy’s ex).

We then follow a supposedly psychic Russian woman, a crazy old colleague of Indy, Indy’s son, Indy’s ex and a bunch of Nazis Russians as they trek through the rain forest looking for the “lost city of Gold.”

That is when everything goes wrong. Going over not one, not two, but THREE waterfalls in a 1950’s era DUKW? Millions of killer ants eating Nazis Russians? Wait, did they say Siafu? I thought we were in South America?? Not AFRICA!!!

Indy and company get through the 5 or 6 booby traps and hidden entrances just narrowly escaping death on numerous occasions and who is there at the end of the trail?? Nazis Russians!? And I won’t give away the huge ending but all I could do was shake my head. Really Stephen? Really George? REALLY?!?!

Overall, the acting is very good with special effects that were awesome and seamless. Humor and action that you would expect from an Indiana Jones movie, but if you actually follow the story your head will explode. It just doesn’t make sense and has plot holes bigger than the rain forest.

I give it 2 out of 5 and would recommend renting it if you are an Indy fan…


3 Responses to “Indiana Jones Review…”

  1. Kori May 29, 2008 at 6:58 pm #

    saw it have to agree.. But in Indy’s defense it wouldn’t be an Indy film if it didn’t go over the top on the plot…or lack there of.


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