The Wedding Singer

23 May

So, bored out of my skull, I was flipping through the channels and found VH1 was playing a classic Adam Sandler movie, “The Wedding Singer.” I absolutely LOVE this movie and it is one of the few romantic type movies that I can watch without wanting to cry or yak right now…

The movie is pretty obvious (if you don’t know what happens in the end before you put the disk in, you probably should have your mom check your diaper) but has enough LOL moments and classic Adam Sandler moments to let me watch it over and over and over!

The following clip is my favorite part of the whole movie! WARNING: This is an uncensored song…so if your boss or mom is behind you, you may want headphones! (It’s PG-13).


This clip shows the genius of Adam Sandler and also has one of the funniest Jon Lovitz moments EVER! Unless you count his cartoon “The Critic” because that was the funniest show in the history of funny shows!

If you’ve never seen “The Wedding Singer” I would recommend it highly!! Rent it, buy it used at Movie Stop, or call me up! I’ll lend it to you!


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    Teen Girls Teen Titans Raven Tiffany Teen…

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view…

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