Miami Trip Update…

19 May

I’m back from Miami (short trip, I know) and everything was nice. The hotel was beautiful. The weather was hot and everything was smokey from the fire in the everglades. So here is an update on why we were there.

Little Evelyn has Retinoblastoma. A type of eye cancer found in young children (click the link for wikipedia’s description). What makes this worse is that she is only 20 months old and has to go into surgery tomorrow for them to examine the eye more and for them to place a port in her chest to allow for her monthly chemotherapy doses that she will need. The port will be needed because trying to put a needle in a 20 month old’s arm every month for the chemo will be next to impossible.

How I understand it, they are going to blast it with chemo for a couple months and then have some sort of surgery to remove the tumor or the entire eye (based on how it has responded to the chemo). Then she will continue on monthly chemo to prevent the cancer from attacking the other eye. So far her left eye is (thankfully) untouched. They will do everything they can to save both eyes,  but if need be they will have to take one…

I, of course, don’t have all the exact information and I’m not a doctor so this is what I was told/what I read on the interwebs…

The bottom line is a very small wonderfully full of life girl is about to have some major surgeries and go through chemo and doesn’t understand. She can’t understand it. I will keep her whole family in my prayers and hope that God leads the doctors hands through this.


One Response to “Miami Trip Update…”

  1. Kori May 21, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    It makes me cry. For some one with children that is the worst news you can get. I hope she does better with the chemo and I know it will make her sick but hopefully it will get all the cancer and they wont have to take the eye.

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