Baby Mama – A quick review…

8 May

So I’ve decided to do some movie reviews here on my blog and I decided to start out with the movie I saw most recently. I will also review some movies that are on DVD now since I don’t get to the movie theater that often.


This movie stars Tina Fey as a 30 something single business woman who has decided its time for her to have a child. The problem is she isn’t married and doesn’t even have a boyfriend. She tries going to a clinic where she is unable to get pregnant and is told by the Dr that he “doesn’t like her uterus” because it’s T-Shaped (I personally thought they were all T-Shaped but I’m not an expert on the female anatomy…just ask Carol).

She eventually breaks down and pays $100k to a business that connects her with Amy Proehl’s character who is a young poor woman who will carry the baby. At this same time Fey’s character is continuing her rise up the corporate ladder at an organic food store who’s CEO is a very eccentric Steve Martin who steals the movie with the few scenes he is in.

As the movie goes you are introduced to a love interest and see the hilarity as you see the two women go through the process of having a baby, or are they? The twists are easy to see coming and the LOL moments are few and far between.

Overall I would give the movie a 3 out of 5…

Line of the movie:Steve Martin whispers into Proehl’s ear the secret of success and then Proehl’s character tells Fey’s: “The secret to success is to have a big dick.”


One Response to “Baby Mama – A quick review…”

  1. Rob May 11, 2008 at 10:22 am #

    I woulda given it a 2.5 out of 5. It’s funny, though, it actually got decent critical reception.

    I guess after Forgetting Sarah Marshall, nothing measures up!

    Joe Here: Funny you would make a “measures up” joke about Forgetting Sarah Marshall…

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